Somali militants confiscate TVs to stop show of defeats

(Alshahid) Smarting from a series of losses on the battlefield, Somali militant group al-Shaabab is now looking to confiscate television sets in a bid to prevent those setbacks being shown.

Residents in Jowhar town, the capital of Middle Shabelle region some 90 kilometres north of Mogadishu, said that they had been paid visits by youth from the fundamentalist militia group carrying light arms.

According to the residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions, the young men knocked on their doors and asked for the owners of the houses.

Their next move was to record if the household possessed a television, especially one fitted with satellite dishes and recorders which are very popular in Somalia.

The militants then placed a mark on the entrance if a TV set was found in the premises before leaving.

“We suspect that the militants are going to confiscate our TVs and systems,” a worried resident told this reporter.

The town’s dwellers speculate that the local arm of the armed Islamist group seeking to topple the country’s transitional government was unhappy with people watching broadcasts of sustained al-Shabaab defeats.

The militants have been pushed back especially in Mogadishu and in the southern regions next to the border between Somalia and Kenya.


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