Somalia govt security detains Journalist & civilians over Mogadishu protests

Press Release

Mogadishu, 13 june 2011: The Somali Security National Agency (SSNA) has today detained Mohamed-amiin Abukar Abdi, (20 years old) a journalist working for independent Kulmiye Radio in Mogadishu.

Abwan Osman Guure, the director of  Kulmiye Radio said, “Mohamed-Amin was arrested at 9:30 am along with dozens of protestors on Monday morning while covering a protest at KM4 area in Mogadishu”. Adding “these days we faced pressures coming from some of the Mogadishu district commissioners to silence us, but make no mistake we’ll cover the events independently.”

There have been continued protests in Mogadishu recently in support of the current Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed; against a proposal forged in Kampala that called for the resignation of the PM.

Mohamed-Amin still remains at the SSNA custody and efforts by Mogadishu Media House officer to visit the journalist to observe his condition and well being was not granted.

Mogadishu Media House strongly condemns the arrest of the journalist who was only performing his duty: covering unfolding political events in Mogadishu.

“We condemn and call upon people of goodwill not to tolerance indiscriminate arrests of journalists and civilians exercising their  rights,” said Abdulahi Mohamed Hassan (Black), Director of the Mogadishu Media House.

Last week Wadajir district commissioner Ahmed-Da’i sent 15 armed men to Jubba radio and closed down the station for about 7 hours. In the last 6 weeks there were several closures of media outlets in Mogadishu by the National Security Agency.

Mogadishu Media House Director

Mogadishu, Somalia

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