Alshabab claims to have killed US commander

(Alshahid)Somalia’s militant group Alshabab claimed to have killed a US commander fighting alongside African Peace Mission (AMISOM) in Mogadishu.

Abdi-Aziz Abu Mus’ab, the military spokesman for the group told reporters in Mogadishu that the commander was killed in Hodan district of Mogadishu, which was the scene of heavy battle between Alshabab and Somali government soldiers backed by the AMISOM.

“The Mujahidiin [Alshabab] have killed a US commander in the district of Hodan. He was a trainer for the AMISOM and fighting alongside them. As you know, these crusaders [AMISOM] were trained by US officials and some of those officials are here with them.” said the spokesman.

Abu Mus’ab added that they have a prove including “official documents” belonging to the said commander and they will show to the media as soon as possible.

The United States did not comment about the claim.

AMISOM and Transitional Federal forces on Wednesday launched a military assault which drove away Alshabab militants from several strategic locations in Mogadishu.

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