Burundi Gov to Lower Fuel Prices

The government of Burundi has just lowered the price of fuel after a week without fuel stations in Burundi, according to statements by the Minister of Commerce. The new prices of petroleum products scaled down are structured as follows: For gasoline, the price per liter increased from 2080 to 2050 BIF BIF, according to the minister. For oil, l fell in 2050 BIF BIF 2020, while for oil, l went from 1850 to 1820E F, according to Minister of Trade and Industry.

The government had to take a grant of 753,819,910 F, including the abandonment of certain taxes she has said. If the government reduced fuel prices is an appreciation for the Burundian were angry against the lack of fuel for a week across the country. But the same government must be vigilant about the speculations of traders, said the spokesman of the Consumers Association of Burundi, Pierre Nduwayo. The Burundi government had increased fuel prices in April 2011 to more than 4%. Écouter Lire phonétiquement Donner son avis sur la traduction


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