Netherlands widens recognition of Libyan NTC

(RNW.NL)The Netherlands not only considers the National Transition Council to be the representative of the Libyan people, it has also accepted the NTC as the representative of the state for the first time.

The shift in status, now that Muammar Gaddafi no longer appears in control of the country, means that Libya’s frozen assets can be released to the NTC. The Dutch authorities say they are pleased to give the NTC full recognition. The move was confirmed in a statement by a contact group comprising the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The Netherlands says the NTC has to ensure a « stable and safe future for the Libyan people ». It needs to change Libya into a free and democratic country which holds human rights to be the basis for a healthy economy. This should be achieved with the help of the international community, and the United Nations in particular.

The Netherlands is prepared to help the new Libya « in any way it can ».


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