Kenya on alert over Alshabab terror attacks

(Alshahid) Kenya is on high alert following threats of terror by Somalia’s militant Alshabab.

Security is being boosted in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, particularly around government buildings and areas where large numbers of people gather.

Checks on vehicles entering shopping centres popular with expatriates and Kenya’s middle class were doubled, and some restaurants and cafés seen to be particularly vulnerable reported customer numbers had significantly reduced.

The Kenya Cabinet has supported the actions of the country’s military to battle Somalia militia Alshabab Wednesday.

Security was beefed up at Parliament buildings after senior police officers held consultations with National Assembly Clerk Patrick Gichohi on Monday evening.

And on Tuesday, the officers were seen making rounds at Parliament buildings to ensure the new measures had been implemented.

Alshabab threatened to target Kenya for her military incursion in Somalia.

Alshabab would hit Kenyan interests on “all fronts”, Hassan Dahir Aweys, a senior Alshabab commander, said yesterday, echoing threats from fellow militants on Monday.

“Kenya has joined the list of occupiers of another country’s land, and history will tell what happens to their aggression,” he said. “We shall spare no efforts and will fight Kenya on all fronts possible. We are not afraid to fight to the death because Allah will reward us if we die.

“History will tell that we were defending our homeland while the Kenyans will die aggressors.”

“They attack us by air and on the border; we must unite and fight back until we clear our territory,” said Hassan Abdullahi Hersi alias Hassan Turki, a senior Alshabab leader.

“The Kenyan government will lose many people and assets because of its intervention in our territory.” He added.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s Defense Minister Yusuf Haji and Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula Tuesday visited Mogadishu for talks with President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s goverment on the military operation.

Mr Haji told the media after the closed-door meeting in Mogadishu that the two sides had discussed closer co-operation on security matters to wipe out Alshabab.

“Continuous exchange of information on security matters was considered a priority,” said Mr Haji.

Kenyan troops have pushed at least 120 kilometres into Somalia to reach Afmadow region, guided by pro-government Somali forces, backed by heavy aerial bombardments, but slowed down by heavy rains pounding the region.


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