Burundi politcal parties condemn opposition arrest

Two political parties, respectevely Uprona party and Frodebu Nyakuri denounced the arrest of William Munyembabazi general secretary of the Conseil National de Defence de la Démocratie (CNDD) two days after he was arrested by intelligence police wedsaday night.

Uprona party’s president Bonaventure Niyoyankana said « arrests of the kinds against oppositions militants can cause troubles to the country’s security ».

Niyoyankana called Burundi government to stop harassing opposition leaders, and added that being in the same goverment does not mean that Uprona must have the same point of view with the ruling party.

Uprona party is in the cabinet as Frodebu Nyakuri, whose president Jean Minani, a mediacl doctor, calledf today the goverment to release the General Secratary of CNDD William Munyembabazi, who is in jail since wednesday evening.

« If William is taken  to jail for politicla reason, I call the justice to release him immediately » said Dr. Minani today.

William Munyembabazi was taken to jail wednesday evning around 8, after intelligence agents searched his house in Mutanga nord quarter where he was living.

He served from 2005 to 2010 as the president of the special commission of agriculture in Burundi Senate. He was the General secretary of CNDD, one of the former rebellion mouvment  which laid down weapons in 2000 after a peace aggreement with Burundi Govement led by Buyoya Pierre.


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