Eritrea takes Kenya to UN over Alshabab claim

(AN)Eritrea has complained to the U.N. Security Council about Kenyan allegations that it sent weapons to Alshabab militants in Somalia, calling for an independent investigation to judge the dispute.

In New York, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh wrote to the UN Security Council seeking “independent and impartial” investigation of Kenyan accusations that Asmara was arming Somalia’s Alshabab insurgents.

Eritrea insisted they were entitled to redress for alleged defamation over accusations that it had impugned its international reputation.

The letter to Jose Filipe Morales Cabral, the President of the Security Council dated November 16, accused Kenya of refusing to solve the matter bilaterally following an Eritrean request.

“If, as Eritrea confidently believes, the investigation determines that there is no basis whatsoever to the very serious and harmful accusations by the government of Kenya, Eritrea calls on the Security Council to take action that would redress the injustice suffered by the people and government of Eritrea,” Saleh said in the letter.

“Defamation of a member state of the United Nations should not be indulged in with impunity and must not be tolerated, given its negative implications for regional peace and security,” he said.

Eritrea’s envoy to the African Union said the Kenyan allegations should be publicly dismissed as a first step. “It is up to the UN Security Council to take whatever action it feels appropriate and necessary to rectify such baseless allegations and defamation of a member state,” Girma Asmerom told Reuters.

Early this month, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula summoned Mr Beyene Russom, the Eritrean Ambassador in Nairobi and threatened a ‘review’ of relations with the Red Sea state following claims that planeloads of arms had been delivered to Baidoa, in Somalia, for the Alshabab.



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