Ugandan army capture “top” LRA commander

(ALshahid Network)The Ugandan army captured a “top commander” of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

In releasing the news, the Army did not reveal the name of the militiaman captured although rumors say he could be one of the men most wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

The said commander is believed to have been captured in the Central African Republic, one of several nations where the Ugandan-led LRA operat

LRA is led by wanted Joseph Kony who has evaded the region’s militaries for nearly three decades, kidnapping tens of thousands of children to fill the ranks of his Lord’s Resistance Army and serve as sex slaves as he moves through the bush.

Thousands have been killed by his brutal army.

The deployment of U.S. special forces as advisers to help Ugandan soldiers track Kony and his senior commanders in the dense equatorial jungle across a region that spans several countries has raised hopes the sadistic leader’s days are numbered.

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