More foreign embassies to open in Mogadishu, says Somali FM

Rome (Shabelle) — Somali foreign minister Fowsiyo Yusuf Hagi Adan said that some European countries are due to reopen their diplomatic missions in Mogadishu very soon after they have been away all under the years of war and anarchy.

Mrs Adan mentioned that countries like United Kingdom, Italy and Chine are planning to reopen their embassies in Mogadishu very soon.

The foreign minister, who is on tour in Europe said the world is encouraged by the return of some embassies back in Mogadishu like, the embassies of Turkey, Ethiopia and Djibouti which are now based in Mogadishu.

The security of the capital is improving rapidly after government security forces and those from Amisom have doubled their security operations in and around the capital.


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