A 9 year old girl succumbs to injuries due to rape

(18 February 2011 at 18:34) A daughter of the 2nd year of primary raped by a college professor of municipal college Gihinga, died on Thursday night at King Khaled Hospital in Bujumbura of injuries from the same rape, said hospital officials.

The uncle of the died daughter, Athanasius Banzubaze, said that since the rape was consummated, the girl went to the toilet more than 20 times the night but the family found that it was very late to cure her.

« We had concerns when we saw this 9 year old girl went several times a night in the toilet and we asked women to vreify it. After that, the conclusion was that the girl had been repeatedly raped by someone, « said Banzubaze.

« Hospital, doctors found that things were serious and she had been seriously injured and even glands had begun to invade the internal parts of her genital organ, which means that her uterus is very serious damaged to release the pus, « said Banzubaze with tears in her ayes.

Sources of the victim’s family point out that this girl who just made his mind after being raped (by a man who would rather protect her), say that the girl would have experienced the ordeal since December 25, 2010 while the family was to church for Christmas. It was at this period that the raper penetrated the house and has violated the child on the bed of his uncle.

Radegund (9 years), had told the doctors a few days before her death that a certain Medard raped her and had ordered here to keep quiet to save his skin, « she told investigators and doctors .

Call to the President of the Republic!

The national coordinator of the Association for the Defence of Women’s Rights, ADDF Mireille Niyonzima, regrets that the situation worsens eday after day. « We ask the President of the Republic to stand up to punish some police officers, judges and others who are complicit in rape, » begs the national coordinator of the ADDF.

« Let him stand up not only as a Father of the Nation, but also a father who has children, to punish all those involved in rape cases, » insists the coordinator of the ADDF, Mireille Niyonzima.

« We celled for a long time but the fact is that the wives and daughters are still vulnerable to rapists, » said Ms. Niyonzima adding that some rapists are sometimes released by the police instead of bringing them to justice.

The appeal is also from the uncle of the girl, Banzubaze Athanasius: « Now I understand what it’s like to experience a rape. I had financial difficulties as to the health care of this child who has just left me, I had psychological injuries, I do not see how to qualify it.  »

« I ask His Excellency the President of the Republic of exemplarily punish the teacher who raped my niece until death ensues. It hurts me morally and causes despair among many people, « adds Mr. Banzubaze.

Cases of rape have become commonplace in Burundi. Children are, for some time, the subjects of sexual violence. Even the pregnant women are no more respected or spared. A woman eight months pregnant was raped by a group of 4 individuals who were armed to the teeth after they have killed her husband by shooting it was in the night of August 24, 2010, in the district of the town of Carama in northern capital Bujumbura.

What is surprising is that this plague is spreading to the intellectuals. Apart from this Medard who has been arrested by police for raping the girl of 9 years, the former director of school Makamba, was accused of having planned a rape of nearly 15 girls of his childldren, a few days ago.

Another girl in Kayanza was raped by a teacher at her school when she was in 4th grade. The rapist took off, leaving no trace.

This situation seems to rebel defenders of human rights in general and women’s rights in particular. Mireille Niyonzima requests that officers accused of neglecting the cases of rape and even judges who do the same, be exemplarily punished.

She was referring to an officer of the judicial police in Musaga, which would have released the girl’s rapist Musaga, Friday last week, before thinking about stopping again.

However, the head of the ADDF recognizes the efforts of the Government for amending the Burundian penal code, which allowed to get a clear legal instrument to punish rape. « What would be best is to go far to implement the Criminal Code, » asks Ms. Niyonzima.


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