Burundi Former President Ndayizeye ousted of his party FRODEBU

Domitien Ndayizeye, Burundi president from 2003 to 2005

Domitien Ndayizeye, Burundi president from 2003 to 2005

Domitien Ndayizeye former president of the republic (2003-2005), is no longer allowed to participate in all meetings organized by the Sahwanya Frodebu party at all levels, according to a decision announced today in the capital Bujumbura.


The party Sahwanya Frodebu just suspended all party organs former President Ndayizeye of that party.

This decision will remain in effect until the national disciplinary committee decides on the case according to correspondence received this saturday  from Léonce Ngendakumana.

According always this correspondence Ndayiezye Domitien began a campaign to destabilize the party convening secret meetings by sending emissaries to the various federations governing the party with the mission of denigrating the national authorities of the party of Melchior Ndadaye


Statement by National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice on Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag

The United States is delighted that Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag is now safe and free and will soon be traveling to the United States. For months, Americans of all faiths kept Ms. Ishag in their thoughts and prayers as Sudanese authorities sentenced her to death for the alleged crime of apostasy.


Today, she and her family have left Sudan on their journey to freedom. Her departure with her immediate family—including her infant daughter, born in custody—is a testament to her unyielding faith and the support she received from friends and allies, including our Embassy in Khartoum and the broader US government.

On behalf of the American people, I am proud to celebrate the arrival of Ms. Ishag and her family in Rome. We look forward to the day when they arrive in America. In addition to heralding the tireless efforts of my U.S. government colleagues to ensure her safety, I also want to extend my profound thanks to the Italian Government for its dedicated efforts on their behalf. Ms. Ishag’s freedom, while meaningful in its own right, also serves as a reminder that all countries, including Sudan, must uphold the universal right to freedom of religion. The United States has and will continue to support those denied this freedom, drawing strength from Ms. Ishag’s example.


White House

Burundi gets $ 100 million support from WB for power

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Abdallah Tabu Manirakiza and the Resident Representative of the World Bank inked last week a $ 100 million Grant Agreement of Hydropower Project known as Jiji-Murembwe dam project.

A press release available on the Ministry website states that the dam will produce 48 MW in the country which facing power deficit.

“With financial support from the World Bank, the Government of Burundi has initiated the many projects for Water and Electricity Infrastructure” the press release adds.

Last week, Burundi Mine and Energy Minister said the country is facing the lack of power and called investors to invest in power distribution in Burundi.

Burundi ranked at 180th on 187 countries on Human Development Index

Burundi Human Development Index (HDI) moved from 178 ranking in 2013 to 180 ranking in 2014, reads a report issued today by the United Nation Development Program today.

Burundi this year as well as last year, is followed by African countries like Burkina Faso that ranks 181th, Eritrea (182th), Sierra Leone (183th), Chad (184th), Central African Republic (185th), Democratic Republic of Congo (186th) and Niger that is ranked 187th.

The ranking takes into consideration 187 countries, as the report reads.

According to the ranking, countries like Norway and Australia have Very High Human Development index as they rank respectively 1st and second in this ranking

Amison captured the Al Shebab training and planning camp

In the latest war against Al-Shabaab terrorists, AMISOM forces on Thursday captured a strategic militant training and planning camp in the village of Khadija Haji in Gedo region located 60 km southwest of BulaHawa along the Kenya-Somalia border. Al-Shabaab used the camp as a drawback position to plan and launch attacks on AMISOM and Somalia National forces.

In yet another offensive against Al-Shabaab terrorists, AMISOM forces in sector Kismayu on Wednesday conducted an offensive operation in Jilib town within Middle Juba region destroying Al-Shabaab logistical base. Several militant were injured during the operation.

Last week two senior Al Shabaab commanders, Issa Mohamed Dhoore the liaison officer with foreign elements and translator of Hiraan region and a close confidant of the group’s leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed together with Sharif Ameey also a top leader during an operation by AMISOM and SNA forces in Inimeey village located 10 kilometers from Bulla Burde. The joint forces were carrying out cordon and search operations around Bulla Burde and its periphery when they got information of Al Shabaab meeting happening in the location.

The past week has been instrumental in the fight against terrorism in Somalia. Somali National army supported by AMISOM continue to liberate more areas and root out Al-Shabaab from their strongholds in a bid to protect the hard won security gains.


Source: AMISOM

Halving Hunger: What Can Burundi and Rwanda Tell Us About Aid, Politics and Health?

With the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals fast approaching, the 2013 Global Hunger Index (GHI) released by the International Food Policy Research Institute in October affords a prime opportunity to evaluate progress to date related to hunger alleviation and health outcomes. Comparing the GHI performance of African countries with aid flows per capita and political commitments to hunger and nutrition suggests that politics may trump aid when it comes to influencing progress in reducing hunger.

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